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How To Size Rubber Watch Band

How to Size an Adjustable Rubber Watch Strap

How To Size Rubber Watch Band

Some rubber or silicone watch straps are made to be sized. This quick guide will teach you how to go about it DIY style.

How do you know if your watch band can be sized?

A rubber or silicone watch strap that can be sized will have lots of holes along the edge of the strap and lines on the inside of the strap.

How to size the strap?

1. Remove the clasp from the band. There will be either springbars, screw bars, or pins. For springbars, you can use a pin or other small tool that fits in the hole enough to press the spring bar and slide the band away from the clasp. For pins, push them all the way through.

2. Carefully use the lines on the inside of the band to cut each section until you get to the desired size. For the best fit, you may have to cut a section, then put it back together, try it on, and repeat if the watch is still fitting too big on your wrist. Be sure to cut exactly along the line so that you don’t get too close to the hole, otherwise there may not be enough rubber around the springbar to create a secure fit with the clasp.

3. Put the springbar through the new hole and reattach the band to the clasp. You will want to put one side of the spring bar in one hole of the clasp, and while holding it, use a tool or your fingernail to push the other end of the springbar enough to slide under the clasp in the other hole. This part can be tricky if you are inexperienced as the springbar and jump out of the hole and may be hard to locate on the floor.


Do not cut too many sections of the strap and do not cut past the number of holes on the edge. As long as there are holes available along the edge, you can go smaller, but you can never go bigger!

We have not filmed a video tutorial yet, so in the meantime, you can watch the video below found on YouTube:

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3 years ago

Can I set the size of any type of watch straps whether its a tudor and rolex?

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