How To Set The Rolex Yacht Master Ii

How to Set the Rolex Yacht-Master II

This hands-on video guide shows step-by-step how to program the Yacht-Master II Ring Command bezel system and operate the Regatta Coundown Timer on your Yachtmaster.

The impressive and novel functionality is made possible by the Rolex caliber 4160 (and caliber 4161) movement containing 360 parts. We also included a quick peek at the official operating instructions as presented in the manual that comes with an authentic YMII. Please feel free to pause the video at which point you need to read more thoroughly.

This should help those of you who don’t know how to set your new Yacht-Master II, and those who are considering the reasons why to embark on purchasing this amazing timepiece.

The watch in the video is the 1st generation Yachtmaster II, but it is functionally the exact same as the updated YMII. Learn more about the differences between the new and old Yacht-Master II versions here.

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