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Devonworks Tread 1 Watch

DEVON Works Tread 1 (Watch worn by David Tennant in Good Omens)

DEVON Works is a USA based watch company. They invented the Tread 1 which is a crazy cool timepiece that tells time based on system of belts. The engine is an electric drive quartz movement combined with a mechanical system that moves the belts. Engineered to the max. We’re talking major friction of components. We’re talking physics!

UPDATE: This timepiece was worn by David Tennant in the 2019 BBC miniseries show Good Omens.

Devonworks Tread 1 Watch

“Tread 1 is the must-have timepiece for the watch enthusiast with a passion for innovation and ingenuity. This engineering masterpiece is the debut timepiece from DEVON. Tread.” -Devon Works

Devon Works Tread Crown

“At the heart of the Tread 1 is an onboard microprocessor, essentially a tiny computer, that controls all of the watch’s functions. It gathers data from a temperature-compensated crystal and a proprietary optical recognition system, which continuously monitors and verifies the position of the Time Belts thereby ensuring steadfast accuracy – in fact, the Tread 1 is accurate to within one half-second per day.” -DEVON Works

Devon Tread 1

“Lubricant-free ruby bearings are used at the friction points of thePower for the Tread 1 is provided by a robust lithium-polymer rechargeable cell that runs for up to two weeks on a single charge.” -DEVON Works

Devon Works Tread 1 Gold Watch

“When recharging is required, it is accomplished inductively, without wires, via a charging tower in only a few hours. movement, a thoughtful engineering detail which precludes the need for lubrication and significantly reduces required maintenance.” -DEVON Works

Price: $18,450

More at DevonWorks.com

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