Corum Golden Bridge Watches At Baselworld

Corum Golden Bridge Watches at Baselworld

Corum Golden Bridge Tourbillon – 18k red gold 5N or 18K white gold case. Caliber CO213 tourbillon in-line baguette movement in 18k gold. The smallest tourbillon cage with silicon escapement. 18k gold hand-engraved plates and bridges. 40 hour power reserve. Limited edition!

Corum Golden Bridge Automatic – 18K red gold 5N or 18K white gold case. Caliber CO313 in-line baguette movement 100% automatic with automatic linear mechanism. Platinum oscillating weight. Limited edition!

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    Sinn U50

    $ 2,125.00
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    Marloe Sceptre October

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    Aragon Caprice Chrono

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    Citizen Promaster Titanium Diver

    Citizen Promaster Titanium Diver

    $ 545.00
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