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Pre-owned Kobold Watches

What to Expect When Buying Used Kobold Watches

Pre-owned Kobold Watches

If you’re seeking to buy a used Kobold watch to tool around with, here’s what to expect:

  • Signs of wear. Kobold watches are tool watches built for adventurers and folks in the field. If you’re buying a scratched up used Kobold, that means it was worn they way it was meant to be worn. If it really bothers you, send it to the company to be refinished and then you can be the very first one to put a scratch on it.
  • Scratches around the lugs. This is because most Kobold watch collectors are also strap collectors and loving changing the look of their watch with various bands. It’s also because the double ended screw lugs are a pain in arse to get off.
  • On a NATO strap. You can used Kobolds on a metal bracelet or Kobold branded calfskin strap, but most of them will come on a cheap and easy to replace nylon band.
  • No boxes. Most of the older Kobold watches came in really high quality hardwood boxes designed to hold 3 watches. When they switched to cardboard boxes, a lot of collectors held on to their original boxes when selling or trading.
  • No papers. You’ll find that many used Kobold watches are without paperwork. Back in the day, keeping papers wasn’t as big of a deal, and since Kobold watches became one of the most traded watch brands in the forum world, papers eventually got lost and misplaced. It’s nice to have, but not a big deal. This is a watch to wear, not a watch to put in the safe for investment purposes.

Of course you may be able to score an older Kobold timepiece that was part of a larger collection and barely worn, but wouldn’t you rather get one that comes with a cool story? Like a Phantom Tactical that was strapped on the wrist of a soldier during two tours in the desert. That’s the kind of Kobold you want! Plus, you’ll save a few bucks by buying pre-owned.

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