Baselworld 2011 Ball Automatic Chrono Limited Edition

New Ball Watches at Baselworld

Baselworld 2011 Ball Booth

The interesting piece from Ball watches this year was the Fireman Storm Chaser DLC Glow model number CM2192C-P2-BK, featuring a 43mm black DLC coated steel case, 66 micro tubes, caliber ETA 7750, on a perforated black/red stitched calf-skin strap ! The pics could be better, but the lume shots are what matter most on Ball watches anyway. They had a dark room all set up for testing out the lume, but there wasn’t enough time to check it out. Something to look forward to next year!

The last wristshot pic was what the security guard was wearing. He knew a lot about the watches and clearly talked about them with passion. He said the watch was some kind of prototype, but it looks like an Engineer Master II Diver, model DM1020A-SAJ-BKGR.

Baselworld 2011 Ball Automatic Chronometer

Baselworld 2011 Ball World Time

Baselworld 2011 Ball Automatic Chrono Limited Edition

Baselworld 2011 Ball Anti Magnetic Prototype

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11 years ago

I have ball watches ball diver 2 and ball “mad cow” it is fantastic and solid! Value for money… And I plan to buy a storm chaser. May I know what movement use for storm chaser? Thanks …

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