What began as a quick reply to a question raised in this thread, quickly turned into a full blog post. Do you think that watches are the perfect gift? Yes and no.

From our real world experiences with this question, we’ve found that most luxury watches purchased by folks as gifts are watches the buyer already knows the recipient is interested in (for example a husband or wife saw their significant other browsing the web for a particular watch).

In other cases, we’ve seen hardcore watch collectors order timepieces to give to the people around them (sometimes as an attempt to convert others into their hobby), only later to be disappointed about never seeing the watches being worn. But that doesn’t mean watches aren’t the perfect gift…

The Best Watches for Gifts

There is one type of watch that has a 99.9% chance of success as a gift: vintage pocket watches.

We sell a huge amount of vintage pocket watches to men and women giving them away as anniversary presents, birthday gifts, as well as to celebrate and remember other significant events.

Here’s why:

For most people, vintage pocket watches are more of a totem than an actual piece of jewelry or instrument for timekeeping. There are many different options and price ranges, however, no matter what the cost or style is, they each have a unique story.

They carry with them an undeniable history, surviving generations of politics, cultural shifts, and even the evolution of fashion.

A vast majority of the vintage pocket watches were made 100% in America, unlike any timepiece on the market today.

Not Just a Watch

Most of all, vintage pocket watches are cool. They are not obligatory items to have with you each day, yet they are the ultimate everyday carry for corporate professionals and hipsters alike. They can serve as desk clocks, be displayed on your bookshelf, or even used as a fidget device to keep your hands occupied.

Vintage pocket watches are fun to observe and spark imagination. From the patina and smell of metal on your hands after handling them, to the wonderful sounds they make – the loud clicking of the crown when winding them up, the relaxing ticking that echos in the background.

You Can’t Go Wrong

Vintage pocket watches come in various sizes, styles and metals. You can get a large, heavy-duty railroad pocket watch or a glamorous pendent to wear on a necklace. You can find them in solid gold or plated base metal. They can have extremely legible Arabic markers or intricately decorated Roman numerals. The dials can be hand carved guilloche, or white porcelain with hairline cracks.

The price range is equally as diverse. Vintage pocket watches fit all budgets, from around $100 to $10,000.

These century old machines are older than most of us and still ticking. They are the ultimate testament to longevity and durability, yet their fragility commands respect and admiration. It’s like having a mini museum in your pocket.

Vintage pocket watches say a lot to the person you’re giving them to. Here’s an example we love, from a couple that purchased a pocket watch from KeepTheTime to celebrate their 1st wedding anniversary.

Shop our collection of vintage pocket watches here.

We want to hear your opinions and stories about giving watches as gifts. Comment below 😉

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