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About KeepTheTime

KeepTheTime is a watch-centric studio where commerce and content collaborate to create a unique boutique rooted in community and creativity.

Launched in 2008, during one of the worst times in American history to start a company, KeepTheTime embodies the ethos of watch collecting culture. It is an online representation of the true enthusiast’s watch box and journey to the grail. Transcending time with a diverse collection of timepieces and goods from the past and present, KeepTheTime celebrates all aspects of horology from engineering to aesthetic – in all conditions, prices & styles.

As an independent watch space built on a platform of creative experimentation, it does not discriminate, and capitalizes on the observation that no two watch collectors are the same. For 15 years, it has carved its own niche in timepiece coverage from obscure to ubiquitous, luxury to affordable, vintage everyday carry to unobtainable concept art.

It was early to embrace modern microbrands, reflecting a deep affinity for the entrepreneurial spirit. More than a watch shop, KeepTheTime diverges beyond traditional retail with in-house content creation, product design and consultation. It was among the first in its industry to communicate these values through moving image, with one of the world’s earliest watch related YouTube channels.

KTT is ever-evolving; a forward thinking machine in perpetual exploration of novel methods to build community and drive ultimate value to wrist and mind. It is fueled by its operator’s practical expertise of buying, selling, trading and consigning watches globally to keep the gears moving – but it’s more than a watch shop. It’s an experience, a connection and a method of its creator’s expression. More importantly, it is a vehicle in your watch journey. All aboard!

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