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About Us

The Start:

KeepTheTime was established to satisfy the needs of watch enthusiasts across the globe who value great timepieces. In 2008, we jumped into business wrists first to follow a genuine passion. We built a store that is much like your watch box – from your first Seiko diver to the gold Rolex grail. Trust us, it wasn’t the easiest time to start a luxury goods company. But here we are, 10 years and thousands of timepieces later, sharing our unique experience and curated collection with the world.


You found a small corner of the Internet where smart watch geeks buy, sell, and trade modern and vintage luxury timepieces. Our focus is on the experience: beautiful photography, personal service, obsessive compulsive packing and super fast shipping. We don’t discriminate against brands or price ranges – that’s why you’ll find everything here from practical and fun to upscale and posh.

Seeing is Knowing:

Don’t just find watches, find out about them. We want you to learn as you shop. Buying a watch online can be tough, but we make it easier and do much of the research for you. Enjoy unique photos that are never borrowed from the manufacturers, verified specs that are confirmed by hand, and caliber information that is unrivaled in the industry.

Sincere and Friendly:

Starting a company in an industry that is over 200 years old has its challenges – especially when the industry is practically a secret society comprised of multi-generational family businesses. As a retail start-up in the 21st century, we know wholeheartedly that we wouldn’t be here without you. That’s how we overcome the hurdles. We’ve learned a lot along the way, and keep learning every day. Sincere and friendly service is the special sauce of our success, these are the 8 ingredients.

Company History:

  • 2008 – The team combined luxury retail experience and incorporated as KeepTheTime, LLC
  • 2008 – The KeepTheTime Blog and YouTube channel are officially launched
  • 2010 – KeepTheTime moves to a bigger office
  • 2013 – calibercorner.com movement wiki launched
  • 2014 – KeepTheTime hits 10,000,000 views on YouTube
  • 2015 – Our original hourglass logo is updated to a minimalist text logo
  • 2016 – Major website overhaul
  • 2017 – KeepTheTime hits 20K subscribers on YouTube
  • 2018 – KeepTheTime reaches 40,000 followers on Instagram
  • 2018 – KeepTheTime turns 10


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