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The KeepTheTime luxury watch blog is here to help you select a fine watch and get some bits from the industry that you wouldn’t hear elsewhere. Trends in watches, what constitutes a good price and how is it derived, etc. We hope we can be of service so feel free to ask the hard questions.

Since the beginning of civilization, cultures have been enamored with the need to keep time and measure their days in a timely fashion. The ancient Chinese used water wheel devices and sundials measured how the day progressed in accordance to the sun. As man evolved, so did the need for more accurate and reliable time keeping devices. In the traditionalist approach, KeepTheTime celebrates the history of watchmaking and the amazing products that have been produced from it.

Years ago in the Jura Mountains, the Swiss, synonymous with the wrist watches, started their industry from the harsh winters they endured, giving watch parts to each farmer to assemble in their down time from crops and presenting them when the snow subsided. This “Cottage Industry” has spawned into an industry that produces the most sought after timepieces imaginable.

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