Rolex Pens and Other Promotional Items

Rolex Pens in gold, silver, and green!
Our Facebook friend Sylvia Butay shared this pic with us. Rolex Pens in gold, silver, and green!

Merch. Schwag. Paraphernalia. Whatever you want to call it, a lot of KTT’s clients collect more than just watches. Pens, lighters, travel mugs, USB thumb drives, notebooks, briefcases, key chains, even fine chocolate… these are just some of the objects that manufacturers are printing their logos on, and these advertising freebies are becoming more and more popular among watch enthusiasts. The best ones are usually promotional items given out at Baselworld, but serious collectors have even been known to accumulate store displays such as mirrors and watch holders.

Rolex Gold President Wave Pen

The Rolex pens you see above are some of the most desired pieces of promo-schwag in the watch world. The gold and silver pens to the left are known as Rolex “wave pens,” because of the wave-like patterns (note: the gold ones are sometimes referred to as president pens).  These writing instruments are especially cool because they have a Rolex coronet (the crown logo) on the top of the pen that appears to rest under a dome of epoxy, and twisting it will adjust the clip on the side. The smaller green pen to the far right was manufacturered by CARAN d’ACHE for Rolex.

The guys over at the Time Keeper Forum are some of the biggest collectors of Rolex accessories. Check out this post by SPACE DWELLER which includes a ton of other Rolex goodies.

Rolex gold President Wave pen
Rolex gold President Wave pen
Rolex gold President Wave pen
Rolex gold President Wave pen

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