Elgin Antique Pocket Watches at KeepTheTime

Pocket Watch Size Guide

Elgin Antique Pocket Watches at KeepTheTime
The pocket watch sizes below refer to the movement size. These measurements are not related to the size of the case or dial. The chart below will convert American pocket watch sizes to millimeters. Check out the KeepTheTime collection of antique pocket watches here!

Size Inches Millimeters
20s 1 5/6 46.56
18s Common 1 23/30 44.86
17s 1 22/30 44.02
16s Common 1 21/30 43.18
14s Common 1 19/30 41.48
12s Common 1 17/30 39.78
10s Common 1 15/30 38.10
8s Common 1 13/30 36.40
6s Common 1 11/30 34.70
0s Common 1 5/30 29.62
3/0s Common 1 3/30 27.94

5 thoughts on “Pocket Watch Size Guide

  1. Thanks for sharing this chart. It will be very helpful when shopping for junk watches for use in Steampunk jewelry and art.

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