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Breitling Aerospace Repetition Minutes F65362

How to Set a Breitling Aerospace Ani-Digi Watch

Breitling Aerospace Repetition Minutes F65362

Ani-digi watches are fun, but having a watch you can’t figure out how to set is no fun at all. Especially when it’s a watch as awesome as the Breitling Aerospace. If you misplaced your instruction manual, hopefully you will find this post and get the most out of your watch!
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When Was My Breitling Watch Manufactured?

How to date your Breitling wristwatch?So you are wondering when your Breitling watch was manufactured? You might be able to find the week your watch was made. Sometime in the 2000′s, Breitling began stamping watches with production dates. The stamps are coded by week and year and are located on the case between the lugs at the bottom of the watch. You have to remove your strap or bracelet to see the code and even then you may need to use a loupe.

  • Carefully remove the bracelet or strap at 6:00
  • Stamped on the case between the lugs will be four numbers
  • The first two numbers are the week (for example 15 would be the 15th week out of 52)
  • The second two numbers represent the year (for example 07 would be 2007)

The watch we used for this post is stamped 2507. This watch was manufactured in the 25th week of 07 which translates to June 2007. Note: If you have a Navitimer Montbrillant Legende, you will be able to find the stamp on the back of the lug.

Breitling Manufactured Date

Breitling watch case date stamp in between the lugs

Your Breitling bracelet might also have a similar production stamp on it that can be used to figure out the date it was made. Don’t be alarmed if this date is inconsistent with the case. Sometimes bracelets or straps are moved around and swapped out for a different configuration.

This watch also has a “B5″ stamped to the right of the date stamp. We cannot confirm exactly what this represents, but we think it would be a code for the dial color or style.