Elgin Antique Pocket Watches at KeepTheTime
The pocket watch sizes below refer to the movement size. These measurements are not related to the size of the case or dial. The chart below will convert American pocket watch sizes to millimeters. Check out the KeepTheTime collection of antique pocket watches here!

Size Inches Millimeters
20s 1 5/6 46.56
18s Common 1 23/30 44.86
17s 1 22/30 44.02
16s Common 1 21/30 43.18
14s Common 1 19/30 41.48
12s Common 1 17/30 39.78
10s Common 1 15/30 38.10
8s Common 1 13/30 36.40
6s Common 1 11/30 34.70
0s Common 1 5/30 29.62
3/0s Common 1 3/30 27.94

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    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. This came in really handy in figuring out the size of my grandfathers pocket watch.

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    Hi, I am confused. All the data I have researched including the table here informs me that according to the serial number, the Elgin 7 jewel pocket watch I have is a 1927 16s, yet when I measure the actual movement it has a size of 40.6 mm indicates it is a 13s size. Can someone please clarify what’d size the movement is that I have. Cheers. Phil

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    what is,the.differense between size 6 and size 60

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    Just a quick note to let you know that for some reason the table or picture isn’t showing up

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      Thank you very much for the message. The picture has been fixed.

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    Thanks for sharing this chart. It will be very helpful when shopping for junk watches for use in Steampunk jewelry and art.

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    Love this