Images from an Invicta instruction manual (page 23)

Sometimes a chronograph watch can get out of whack and it forgets how to return the second hand back to zero correctly. Luckily on a quartz watch, it’s a quick fix if you can find the right sequence.

Here are the instructions for getting the second hand back to zero on Invicta watches. While we cannot guarantee that this process will work for every Invicta chronograph, it will work for most – and will work for many other brands as well.

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Images from an Invicta instruction manual (page 26-27)

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    I’ll give that a shot. I can’t actually push the button, its like it was pushed and then stayed in that depressed position.

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    I have an Invicta 0070, and the A button seems to be stuck in the “pushed in” position. The chronograph is set to zero and the watch keeps time just fine, but the top button is just stuck. Is there anything I can do on my own without having to send it in for repair?

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      If you can carefully get the back off, you might be able to see where it is stuck and gently release it. You might have to get the stem out and pull the movement out of the case.

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    I have a Invicta 6090 and I cannot get the the big second hand to do anything. When I pull out the crown to the second position it will move but nothing when pushed back in. It keeps time and date just fine.

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      So nothing works when you push the top chronograph button?

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    The 1/10 sec. counter never moves on my 5218. Any help?

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    I have the invicta reserve chronograph when I set the time for normal time keeping and push in the crown my second does not start

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      Are you looking at the big second hand or one of the subdials? The big hand won’t work unless you start it with the chronograph pusher.

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    I have a Invicta 1206 and I cant seem to reset the second hand. I have all the other hand syncronized but that one and when i push the crown all the way in it doesnt tell time, just purchased it 2 days ago help

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    Did not work on my 1882. This is really frustrating one day old watch and its junk. Swiss made turd why did i bother wasting my money. Invicta your watches are Chinese shit!!!!!

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    Thanks a lot!!! Watch is fine again!!

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    Great! works for my Invicta 1326 but slightly different, crown in position 1 instead of 2. Thank You for the info.

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    Thank you, fixed my Emporio Armani watch using these steps!

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    I have an Invicta Seaspider model 10250 and this correction worked perfectly. Thanks much!

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    Thank you so much for the advice! It worked perfectly! :)

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    You Guy now your shit!
    Thankzs a bunch guys.

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    Thanks. Worked on my Rockwell 747, too.

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    Easy fix that I thought was going to be a defect return. Thanks a bunch. Right on TIME.

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    I have a chronograph reserve. The big second hand is not moving. I’d like to have it move to help keep time… How can I get the big second hand to move??

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    I have a limited edition graham sliverstone Stowe GMT and my minute counter was offset I tried the above thing but it did not help.

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    I have a model 5364 and would like to read the instructions manual. Is it available online anywhere? Thanks

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    Thanks, this works also for Nivada Millonaire.

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    Worked a dream on my Guy Laroche!
    Thank you very much


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      Our pleasure! Glad it worked.

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    Hi – I have an Invicta Corduba 4906 and I noticed that the stopwatch is no longer working. It is stuck on/around 20 seconds. When I push button A and then button B it “shakes” a bit like it is trying to reset, but doesn’t move otherwise. Is it possible that I need a battery replacement? Is there anything I else I should try? By the way, it seems to be keeping time and the small seconds hand is working (the bottom part of the figure 8). Thank you in advance for any/all help…

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    How do you change the day of the week on the chrono. dial at the 6:00 position?

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    I tried this method but did not help.
    My problem is
    centre hr and min hands are not moving.. bt watch is working

    this is because they only move when you are in timing mode.

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    Hello, First off, thank you for this article. I’ve tried the steps above but not getting lucky. Basically whenever daylight savings switched I went to change the time. This being my only actual chronograph watch I think I did something to make it get out of whack without knowing what I’m doing :D. I have an Invicta 4578 model. The big second hand is stuck at minute #1 and when the crown is pressed into position zero the 3h 0-60 counter runs but the big second hand is stuck. Upon trying to reset to zero with the directions provided I noticed the center stop doesn’t rotate 360 when in crown position 2 and pressing A &B for 2 seconds. It (6h) only does anything in position zero and continuously rotates when I press B once in position 0. Sorry if this is confusing. Is there anything in particular you may know about this model? Initially adjusting the time I was just messing with it without instructions, go figure :) Thanks in advance for reading.

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    thank you

    Did you figure it out?

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    thank you

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    I have a ladies mod 5300 the unit does not zero. the second hand always goes to the #1 position and the dial at the 9 Oclock position always goes to the 17sec position. I have tried the reset proceedure but always the same results. First off the second hand does not go into the mode stated when both buttons are pressed for 2 seconds or even longer . that hand just counts as if just the A button was pressed and the short or the long press does nothing helpful as I can see Have I gone and messed up something? I just can’t rezero following the directions.

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    Great site!! Instructions worked. Thank you.

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    Okay… I have an Invicta model 6194. Hour and Minute hands work. Second hand is in the top right sub dial and is working. The Bottom sub dial is the day of the week and is also working. My problem is that the top left sub dial seems to be an “on/of” indicator for the alarm which is activated by the “A” button. Has “on” and “off” at the top of the sub dial. The bottom of that sub dial has the writing “Power reserve” with a kind of scale from 0 to 100% The “A” button normally starts the chrono hand. I CANT GET THE CHRONO HAND TO SWEEP. I can adjust it by useing the buttons but Ithink the “mode” is stuck in the alarm function.

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      Are you sure your watch is a 6194?

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    Great post! Thanks!

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    Our pleasure, Parham. Glad we could help.

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    That was so helpful

    Thank you

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    I have the 4898 Invicata and it has the 8 design with a minute at top and a second at bottom but the hand for the min chronograph gets stuck at 12 and I can press bottom to reset to 0 but cant get it to keep moving I need to reset to 0 point and above instructions don’t work. any ideas

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    I can not pull out the crown at all, I even tried hard, should I use a knife or something.

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      No don’t use a knife! Is it a screw-down crown?

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    I am glad I found this site as I was searching how to do this on my Tourneau watch.
    It’s the 2nd time I encounter this, the first time I also needed the battery replaced so I had it taken care of at Tourneau and I didn’t bother to ask how to do this on my own.
    Thank you.

    PS: Any clue as to what could be the cause of this?

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    Valuable info, thanks!

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    i tried the instructions to fix a sekonda titanium to reset the seconds hand also the mins hand it worked perfect, better than paying 30 quid at a jewelers to do the same thing!

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    I tried the above method but it didn’t fix the problem. The Second Stop hand resets at 12 seconds, the 30 min hand resets at 29 instead of 0. Any other ideas?

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    My problem is that the big second hand was moving when I got the watch and I can’t get it to stop, thus I can’t use it for timing.

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    The top button will start and stop the second hand. The bottom button will reset it. When it is stopped, try to push the bottom button to reset it back to zero.

    Do you usually let the big second hand continuously tick?

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    I adjusted the date on my Invicta Chronograph and now the big second hand has stopped. the small subdial is working and the watch keeps time but how do I activate the big second hand again?

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    I tried this method but did not help.

    My problem is

    centre hr and min hands are not moving.. bt watch is working

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    YOU saved my day with this article!